Mr. Firewood Home

At Mr. Firewood we believe that Old Fashioned customer service is a must. During the winter there are many choices when it comes to buying firewood and they come calling from all directions — some good and some bad. We understand you want your money's worth and also to buy wood that you don’t have to fight with to enjoy a warm evening by the fireplace.

We take pride in the wood we bring to you to warm your home. We've been in the area for 14 years and plan on being here forever. At Mr. Firewood, we only harvest Oak firewood and specialize in East Texas Red Oak, but also supply White Oak and Post Oak. We also offer Hickory, Pecan, Mesquite and Black Walnut smoke wood for barbeques and outdoor fireplaces. All of our wood is seasoned and cut to the right lengths to accommodate almost any fireplace.

We deliver seasoned wood from 6 months to 1 year old. We're able to do this by harvesting year around. The wood you buy today will be replaced by timber harvested and split yesterday for next year’s customers.

We begin our wood selection by harvesting trees that are not rotten or have not been down for longer than a year. All of our harvest trees come from dry lands and never from river areas or submerged timber. The wood is then cut in 18 to 22 inch lengths before it is split. Once it's split, the wood is stacked to dry throughout the year to ensure that when delivered you have hassle free firewood to warm your home.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Firewood